Ad Astra was designed and programmed by Steve Chapman.

Russian Translation was performed by Roman Sychev ( a.k.a. XArgon), Stanislav Kapustin ( a.k.a. Tankist), Pavel Kuzema ( a.k.a Sci-Worker) and Medved Zloy

Alexey Prokopchuk provided extensive updates for Release 1.3b

German Translation was undertaken by Mathias Merboth

Ad Astra Website was designed by Alexey Botkov.

Additional Control Options were suggested by Manuel Reinartz

Bugs were found by Nigel Strange

Spacecraft Designs Max Kulikov constructed the Alligator, Antar, Antares, Black Star, Buster, Comrad, Darius, Dark Moon, Eagle, Foxbat, Gratchen, Shamen, Hound, Kir Bulichov, Maximus, Nimrod and Voland

The Star Catalogue was compiled by the author by cross referencing the 1997 Hipparcos Star Catalogue with the Bayer-Flamsteed Index.

Although some of the textures were designed by the author many were acquired from the Web. Most these textures were sourced from who don't seem to be contactable any longer. Many of the other textures were sourced during the games early development and I don't have any record of where they came from. If you spot a texture that you designed and want it removed or just a credit given then don't hesitate to E-mail me at the contact address.