The Game Download takes the form of a 'zipped' directory which should simply unzipped into the desired location on your PCs hard drive. The application can be executed by double clicking the 'AdAstra' file within the top level directory.

The game can be downloaded from the showcase at the following address

Refer to the Future Development Section for details of the features that have yet to be added to complete the game.

Refer to Version Control for details of updated features and bug fixes.

The game does not include music, but this can be installed by downloading midi or ogg-vorbis files and placing them into the 'midi' or 'ogg' directory. The Music Section describes how midi/ ogg-vorbis files can be installed and how the music should be configured. Refer to the Links Section for details of Web sites which possess free Midi files.

The Game options can be accessed via the 'ESC' key and the 'H' key will bring up a limited in game Help menu.

It is worth reading the following before playing the game :


256 MB RAM ( I think)
AMD 1900+ Processor or Intel Equivalent
100MB Hard Disk Space
ATI 9600 with 64MB Video Memory or Equivalent
Direct X7 or higher


512 MB RAM
Not entirely sure - something better than a AMD 1900+
100MB Hard Disk Space
Graphics card with 128MB RAM. ATI X700 or NVidia 6600GT. Not sure how important a PCI-Express I/F is though.