The following tips are intended to help the novice player familiarise themselves with the game and to generally stay alive.

  • Use the Space Key to pause the game when things get ‘hot’. The long range scanners, tactical screen and status screens can all be freely accessed in order to formulate a suitable combat strategy.

  • Don’t horde missiles, they’re relatively cheap and very effective. Also be aware of the type of missile that will be fired next from the magazine – if in doubt pause the game and check via the status screen.
  • Buy Enhanced Short Range Scanners at the earliest opportunity.
  • Be aware of your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. In particular if the hostile spacecraft possesses multiple engine arrays then the quickest way to disable it is a frontal missile barrage on the cockpit.
  • To earn a decent profit through trade requires a super freighter. If you own a smaller ship then bounty hunting, deep space salvage or piracy are the quickest ways of becoming rich.
  • If you’re targeted by a missile then head for the nearest super freighter – with any luck it will hit this before it hits you.
  • Space Stations and City Landing Pads are safe havens. If you're outgunned then dock at the earliest opportunity.
  • Save the game regularly via the F12 key – it’s quick and not particularly intrusive. Remember to clean up the save directory and recycle bin on a regular basis though.

  • The recommended control method is via the mouse. It is also worth stressing that whilst the ‘fly to pointer’ option is probably the most intuitive method, the default ‘Pitch+Roll’ provides more freedom of control and is worth persevering with. If the ‘fly to pointer’ method is adopted then the mouse sensitivity will probably need to be raised.
  • Install some music - if nothing else it can give an audible indication of when you come under attack.

  • If you’re new to the game then unprovoked attacks can be inhibited by selecting the ‘passive aliens/pirates’ in the option preferences menu. It may also be a good idea to jump to a new system as this will cause current attackers to be disengaged.