Your chosen Spacecraft can be controlled either manually or by the autopilot as detailed below:

After a series of high speed disasters caused by pilot error the autopilot is now a mandatory fitting on all Spacecraft. The device is able to unleash the full power of the ships engines and should be used when vast distances need to be crossed within a Star System. A suitable target ( refer to Targeting Section) should be selected first, which can be another Spacecraft, Space Station, Planet or City and the system engaged by pressing the ‘A’ key. The autopilot can be disengaged by pressing the ‘A’ key a second time.

The autopilot will adjust the velocity of the ship in accordance with its proximity to any planet and its distance from the designated target and whilst in this mode the pilot will have very little direct control over the vessel. However if the device is navigating between cities on the same planet then it may have calculated a low altitude trajectory to the destination which may curtail the speed of the ship. Under these circumstances the pilot is allowed to issue an instruction to gain extra altitude using the ‘G’ key which should allow a higher ‘safe’ velocity to be achieved.

Under manual control the power of the engines is severely restricted and this mode is used for combat or final manoeuvring when in close proximity to a chosen destination. Either the mouse or the joystick can be used and full details can be found in the ‘Input’ section of this user guide.

The speed of the ship can be increased using the ‘+’ key and decreased using the ‘-’ key. Whilst in space it is possible to fly backwards, however once within a planets atmosphere then the ships aerodynamics will prevent such a manoeuvre.

In order to fly within a planets atmosphere then it must be aerodynamically viable. This means that it must possess wings and be of relatively light construction. Most fighters and smaller freighters are capable of sustaining flight whereas large freighters such as the Mammoth are not.

Pilots should also be aware that travel within a planets atmosphere is considerably more dangerous than in space due to the effects of gravity. If any of a vessels wings are destroyed or its engines damaged then it is likely to drop out of the sky with fatal consequences for the crew.