It’s a sad indictment of modern times that the rule of law is precarious throughout much of charted space. Undoubtedly this is fuelled by a perception that crime pays, and for many a recidivist it pays very well indeed. However, although life on the wrong side of the law may be lucrative it is by no means easy and the lifespan of a typical miscreant is seldom a long one. Punitive fines, aggressive policing and the encouragement of bounty hunters through generous rewards help keep delinquency under a certain degree of control. 

The table below lists the most common crimes and their respective fines. Each individual misdemeanour will incur a fine, thus four charges of Criminal Damage will result in a penalty of £800. Crimes such as Assault and Criminal Damage incur relatively low fines as the authorities, whilst not wishing to condone such actions, recognise that these are violent times and that accidents do happen.






CRIMINAL DAMAGE Low Level damage to a 3rd party’s Spacecraft £200
COMMON ASSAULT Significant damage to a 3rd party’s Spacecraft £500
ASSAULTING A POLICE OFFICER Significant damage to a Police Officer’s Spacecraft £1,000
PIRACY Disabling a 3rd party’s Spacecraft through the delivery of a significant amount of damage. £1,000,000
MURDER Destruction of a 3rd party’s Spacecraft by delivering a significant amount of damage. £2,000,000
POLICE MURDER Destruction of a Police Officer’s Spacecraft by delivering a significant amount of damage. £5,000,000

As crimes are committed then these will be added to the offender’s criminal record, which can be wiped clean by paying the outstanding balance at the local Space Port.

Whilst a petty felon, or violent criminal will be largely ignored by the law enforcement agencies, once they have transgressed into becoming an outlaw then all civil rights are forfeit. Whilst such malefactors may still not attract the attention of the police, the same is not the case of bounty hunters who are free to disable their ship, seize any cargo and collect any reward. Any criminal charged with piracy or murder will feel the full force of the law and will be pursued relentlessly until they are either dead or any fines have been settled.