A Planet, City, Space Station or Spacecraft can all be selected as targets for your ship’s autopilot or defence systems. In each case the details of the selected object will appear in the Target window described in the Main Screen Section and a small blue arrow attached to the central sights will also point in its direction. The target objects can be assigned in a variety of different ways as described in the following subsections

Spacecraft can be selected using the Long Range Scanners ( refer to Main Screen Section), by pressing the ‘V’ key (i.e. Vessel) or by disabling the mouse control (using shift or the right mouse button) and left clicking on the actual Ship in view. If Enhanced Short Range Scanners have been purchased then these can also be used to select hostile forces.

When a ship is selected then the target lock icon will be superimposed over its image. Referring to illustrations below it can be seen to take the form of a large red octagon in the image on the left. This icon will rotate concentrically inwards until it forms a smaller yellow symbol as shown in the image on the right. The icon completing this transformation indicates that the targets position has been locked into the Ships computers and can be downloaded as telemetry into a missile’s targeting system.

A planet can be selected either by repeatedly pressing the ‘P’ key or via the Star System Map as described in section 1.4. A city on the currently selected planet’s surface can be targeted using the ‘O’ key or from the ‘Selected Planetary Body’ window of the Star System Map.

A Space Station orbiting a particular Planet can be chosen through the Star System Map or by pressing the ‘S’ key.