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The Texture Design screen can be accessed via the 'F11' Key and can be used to create procedural templates for gas giants, solid planets, atmospheric and nebula textures.

The screen consists of 7 separate windows comprising of the following:
  • Texture Window x 4
  • Blending Window x 1
  • Main Window x 1
  • Options Window x 1

The Texture windows allow textures to be generated based upon a configurable type of function. Each of thesetextures can then be blended via the blending window to produce an overall combined texture which can be saved via the main window.

The resulting texture is mapped to a sphere which can be orientated via the options window.

The Screen also supports the following keyboard shortcuts:



1 Open/ Close Texture 1 Window 
2 Open/ Close Texture 2 Window
3 Open/ Close Texture 3 Window
4 Open/ Close Texture 4 Window
B Open/ Close Blending Window
M Open/ Close Main Window
O Open/ Close Options Window
N Close all Windows