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The Spacecraft Design screen can be accessed via the 'F6' Key. The screen will present a randomly generated spacecraft together with a number of iconised windows.

The 'Main Options' window is shown on the left. The table below describes the Key fields:



Ship Name Name of the Ship to be loaded or saved.
Scrolling list List of basic ship formats
Generate Generates a new design based on the selected format.
Regenerate Regenerates the Ship after any adjustments have been made. The 'RETURN' key will also perform this function.
Save Saves the current design. The file name will be based on the 'Ship name' and stored in the 'ship_temps' directory.
Load Loads the required ship design. Only the ship name needs to be entered and not the encoded file name held in the 'ship_temps' directory.
Z Offset Used to centre the ship. The yellow number in the top left-hand corner of the screen represents the size of the ship. When this value is at its smallest the Z offset will be at the centre of the ship.
Texture Map Selects a Texture Map ( has limited use)
Engine Type Selects an Engine format ( Ignore this field - use the 'Generate button instead to throw up a suitable engine cluster).
Animate Rotors Animates any rotors or flapping wings that the spacecraft may possess.
Style Governs style of engines and generic colours.
Max velocity Max Velocity of Spacecraft
Max acceleration Max Acceleration of Spacecraft
Max deceleration Max Deceleration of Spacecraft
Max angle Max Angle of rotation of Spacecraft.

The Text at the bottom of the window indicates how many polygons the Ship requires and the respective size in terms of vertices for each.