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The Wings and Fins are built from custom designed structures and the respective design window is shown on the left.

Each of the spacecrafts wing pairings will possess a respective window and once adjustments have been made the 'RETURN' key should be pressed to cause them to be adopted.

Each wing has the concept of a middle and a tip and thus can be bent along these axis's.

The location of the Engine and Weapon mounting points, together with the middle and tip vertices are currently hard coded within the game. This means that editing the 'wing' files held in the 'objects' directory could cause odd results.

However this will be modified at a future date to allow superior custom designs to be realised.

The Table below describes the main options.



Wing Type Indicates the wing format to be used. The structure of the Wing is held in a file within the 'objects' directory. For instance Wing Type 1 would use 'ship_wing1.txt'.
Wing Angle Angle of the Wing.
Pre/ Post Rotate Indicates whether the Wing should be rotated before or after any distortions have been made.
Span Span of Wings
Width Width of Wings
Z offset Position of Wings with respect to the rest of the Spacecraft
Height Raises or Lowers the Middle and Tip areas of the Wing.


Refer to the Projections Section