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The Fuselage, Cockpit, Bridge, Legs, Neck and Tail of the spacecraft are all built from cylinders and the respective design window is shown on the left.

Each of the Ships main components possesses such a window and once adjustments have been made the 'RETURN' key should be pressed to cause them to be adopted.

The 'Top' of the cylinder faces towards the front of the Spacecraft, whereas the bottom faces towards the rear.

The Table below describes the main options.



Suppress Distortion Clicking the 'Top' or 'Bottom' toggle buttons will cause the distortion at the top or bottom of the cylinder to be suppressed.
Iterations Number of radial vertices used to describe the cylinder - best to leave at default value.
Distortion Type Type of distortion to be applied to cylinder. The following are supported :

0 - Width Distortion only - typically used for fuselages
1 - Width and Length Distortion - typically used for cockpits
2 - Taper Distortion - typically used for tails ( e.g. on Taipan)
3 - Taper with Width and Length Distortion

Cylinder Type Selects a Cylinder template
Width Controls the Width of the Cylinder
Height Controls the Height of the Cylinder
Depth Controls the Depth of the Cylinder
Length Controls the Length of the Cylinder. The Top and bottom lengths are used in conjunction with the distortion type of '1'.
Skew Skews the cylinder horizontally or vertically. Neck cylinders are typically skewed.
Bend Angle Angle to Bend Cylinder - Taipan Tail uses this distortion
AC Button Bend Anti-clockwise
Radius Radius of Bend