The attached Figure shows the Weapon fitters’ shop which allows the Cannons to be focused and armaments to be fitted or removed. The area on the left displays the current ‘Weapon Focus Range’ and also each of the weapon mounting points. Selecting a weapon mount will cause it to be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen and allow the existing weapon to be removed or a new weapon to be added. When a weapon is removed it will be transferred into the Ships hold. When a weapon is to be fitted then a list of the suitable items that are currently held in the cargo bay will be listed. Selecting one of these will allow the gun to be fitted.

Adjusting the Weapon focus range allows the user to adjust the distance at which the Laser beams or Rail/ Plasma Cannon projectiles converge. On smaller ships the convergence range is not that important and should be set at a high value. However, as illustrated in the diagram below, it is more important on large ships where light fighters are able to fly between cannon fire. These ships should focus their weapons so that their fire converges at a much closer distance.