For planets that possess an atmosphere then it is possible to configure the cloud, sky and fog properties. The texture list on the left hand side of the window allows the cloud structure to be specified whereas the series of four boxes below (the fog box can be found by scrolling down) enable the cloud, sky and fog colouration to be set. The fog density can be configured such that lower values increase the fog density, thus a value of zero would be very dense whereas a value above one would be fairly clear.

It should be noted that for dense fog then its colour should be a fairly similar match to that of the inner sky colour otherwise the ‘fogged’ landscape will not blend into that of the background sky.


The effects of the fog configuration can be viewed if the atmosphere of the selected planet is entered via the main screen. Thus the fog and inner sky colours will be modified when the ‘Apply Settings’ button is pressed and the System Editor screens are exited. However to ensure that values are not lost when the System Editor screen is re-entered then the ‘Save’ button should also be selected before leaving the screen.